Air travel debate heats up

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Air travelOur post on Ryanair's Greedy Gordon ads has opened up a can of worms - Simon Robinson of the Big Biofuels blog weighed in with:

How can the considerable damage to the environment that flying causes and the incredibly low fares on offer, compared with similar trips by rail which has much smaller carbon footprint per passenger be justified? Come on travel industry how do you sleep at night...

TW reporter Ed Robertson replied:

It is worth putting aviation’s environmental damage in proportion with the rest of the UK’s carbon footprint. According to sustainable tourism charity the Travel Foundation, aviation accounts for 5.5% of the UK’s emissions, while the energy industry accounts for 35%, the UK’s car habit 20% and people’s homes 15%...

Head over to the post's comments section to read their arguments in full and - you know the drill - let us know what you think too.

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