Caption competition: Penny for them, Mr Blastland...

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Almost the weekend, and time for our inaugural caption competition - a semi-regular feature on the Travolution Blog.

The honour goes to First Choice boss Dermot Blastland, for whom this week can presumably not end soon enough (Special report: Thomas Cook and MyTravel,

First Choice boss Dermot Blastland - seems to have something on his mind

Leave your ideas in the comments and remember to enter your email address. We'll try to dig out a prize for the best. And remember that the Thomas Cook / MyTravel nickname competition is still open. Travel needs its 'GooTube'...

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"Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn..." [repeat to fade]

"Oh God, it's a shareholder...has he seen me?"

Though you're probably closest mlf.

"I'll get my coat"

I thought we were First Choice!

Let's see if a Vulcan mind-meld can solve all my problems

yes sir!

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