Tony Blair holidays on a superyacht in Sardinia

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Ex-PM Tony Blair is holidaying in the world's second biggest yacht in Sardinia. His family are believed to be with him but are yet to be spotted.

He is a guest abroad Larry Ellison's £150 pound superyacht. Ellison is the world's fourth richest man and the CEO of Oracle the worlds largest software company and is also believed to be on board.

The yacht, named the Rising Sun has five decks, a gym, spa and private cinema.

After enjoying the luxurious surroundings Blair then jetted off in an equally impressive speed boat with his minders for some time ashore.

Yesterday the boat was seen cruising off the Emerald Coast in Sardinia.

The impressive superyacht moored off the coast of Sardinia

The James Bond style speedboat with Blair in the blue jacket

Blair disembarks complete with his team of minders

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Not for Tony the Middle East peace envoy a beach holiday in Gaza, then........

So this man, who should be tried for his war crimes at The Hague has the cheek to holiday while Palestinians are dying and are being killed as flies! What a PEACE envoy of the Middle East, did you say?

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