New Orleans - Halloween-tastic

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As any child who ever watched E.T. will know, they do Halloween far better in the States. We make do with a plastic pumpkin or two; they go all out with proper costumes, serious trick-or-treating and any amount of candy.

And few places in the US can take Halloween more seriously than New Orleans. Every night is party night in The Big Easy, but October 31 almost rivals Mardi Gras in terms of celebrations. The streets are thronged with people as some rather spooky floats roll by, with the riders flinging 'throws' (small gifts) into the crowd.

New Orleans halloween floatThe bars are full to bursting, and many houses in the French Quarter host parties, decorating their balconies with cobwebs, skeletons, pumpkins and broomsticks.

New Orleans French Quarter Halloween partyAnd dressing up is by no means just for the kids, as these photos demonstrate....

Halloween costumes, New OrleansHalloween costumes, New Orleans
Halloween costumes, New Orleans3
Halloween costumes, New Orleans4

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