Memphis - A state of grace

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I defy anyone to find a more fitting way to prepare for a visit to Graceland than a visit to Arcade. This wonderfully kitsch diner was a cherished haunt of the King, and it serves his favourite - and in large quantities, perhaps ultimately deadly - dish, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I opted instead for the sweet potato pancakes with eggs, syrup and grits. Delicious, though equally calorie-laden. I sat with Alicia and Brandy from Memphis CVB in Elvis's favourite booth. He would sit in my seat, with his back to the door, but where he could see who came in by looking in the mirror opposite.

Arcade diner - MemphisThen it's off to Graceland. It's quite endearing really, full of shagpile and chandeliers, and with TVs in every room. There's a bar in the TV room, and even in the squash courts. My favourite was the infamous 'jungle room', which really ups the ante in terms of random impracticality. There are exhibits of Elvis's cars, his private jet, his platinum discs and costumes and a rundown of his film career. Just about the only thing you can't see is the infamous toilet...

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